• We're not a big box store.

  • We don't work on commission.

  • We don't push you to buy something you don't need just to make a sale.

We take pride in providing Grand County with our technical expertise and knowledge. We do our research and provide thorough service and top-rated accessories. We treat you like a person, and not a number. And we will give you our honest recommendations with our services and products. That's our secret.

Holden's Computers has been providing tech services to Grand County homes and businesses since 2005. We provide an array of affordable computer services for PCs and Macs, including optimizations, data transfers, upgrades, and other services. We also sell re-certified Dell business-grade desktops and laptops, computer and cell phone accessories, and more!


We offer an array of services for PC and Macs, including screen repairs, data transfers, hard drive upgrades, and more. Check out all of our services below.

Dell Refurbished Systems

If you need a computer that will outlast the others, check out our refurbished Dell business-grade desktops and laptops, backed by our in-shop warranty. We also carry a variety of PC and Mac accessories. Click the button below to see our inventory list.


Let us be your IT department for your small to medium business. We're now offering Remote Management service for residential customers as well as small/medium businesses. Learn more about our RMM service agreements below.