Telephone: 970.363.7114


Facebook: @HoldensComputers


511 Zerex Street South
Unit 109b
Fraser Colorado, 80442-1074

Located right behind Wendy's in the Fraser Valley Shopping Center (Murdoch's building) Right side, first floor by the stairwell.

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Hours of Operation

Open Monday - Friday 9:30am to 6pm. Closed Weekends.


  • PAYMENT: Due at time of pickup. For remote support, we accept credit/debit card once service is complete. We do not invoice for services unless previously agreed upon.

  • LAPTOP POWER SUPPLIES: Please bring your laptop in if you need a power supply. There are several types of chargers for each brand, and we do not accept returns on power supplies. 

  • DATA: As a disclaimer, we take several precautions with our customer's data. However, in a catastrophic event such as a failed hard drive, we may not be able to recover data. We expect our customers to be making their own backups (whether cloud-based or a local backup on an external drive). If you need a backup solution, we can help.

  • LIQUID-DAMAGED DEVICES: If your system is determined to have liquid damage, we cannot warranty parts or service if you choose to have us repair your system.

  • PASSWORDS: If you don't know your account login information, we charge hourly shop rate to research and assist in account recovery.

  • WAIT TIME: We service multiple customers' computers at a time. Although we may not need to keep it, please be prepared to leave your system with us for us to diagnose and repair. We do our best to have a quick turnaround time on service. Our turnaround time for most services is 2-4 business days.