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How to Create a UPS Return Label on Amazon

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After you start your Amazon return and select the reason for return, you'll be asked how you want to return your item. Choose "UPS Drop-off Points".

If you don't have this option, you will need to reach out to Amazon and have them create a shipping label for you. We cannot accept QR codes from Amazon.

Please note: If you didn't originally use this option, you'll need to cancel your return and start over.

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On the next page, you should get a confirmation that Amazon has created you a label. You'll have three options:

A ) You'll get a UPS label (see below) and you can print the label and instructions from your printer.

B ) If you need us to print your label, choose "Email Copy of Label" at the top and send it to and we'll print it for a $5 service fee.

C ) You can request a mailed paper label from Amazon, sent via USPS for $1

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You should have a page that has these two items on it. Print this out.

Cut the page on the dotted line, and place Part #2 inside the package (don't worry if your label doesn't have this part, some returns won't require part #2)

Tape up your package.

Put the label (Part #1) on the package.

Once your package is packaged, labeled, and ready to go, you're welcome to bring it in and we'll hand it over to UPS.

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